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Smiley Transportation, Corp



Why Smiley Transportation other kid taxis in the area? We are safer and more dependable.

How do payments work?

We are like a subscription plan.  Your price is based on many factors (they are different for all families).  Your weekly payment is based on a yearly amount divided over a period of weeks depending on what payment plan you choose.

Do we pay for holidays?

Yes, the payment plans include payments over holiday weeks.  It is designed to keep payments at a lower price over the term of the contract.

What happens if my child is sick and does not ride?

We ask you, the parent, to text the parent line and let our dispatch know of any changes.  We will make sure the driver is informed of the schedule changes.

Do you except cash?

We do weekly ACH drafts for all customers.  Cash can be given but it would have to be hand delivered to our office on or before Friday of each week.  

How do I know when my student has arrived at their destination?

We have a patent pending app developed to make notifications to the parent and dispatch completely hands free.  You will receive a notification once your student has entered the location.

Do you do before and late school pick ups?

Yes, we strive to help the parent as much as we can.  Like anything, it does have it's limits. However, as long as we have plenty of planned notice we can work out a solution for you.