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Smiley Transportation, Corp



Like any business, reputation is very important.  Smiley Transportation is not always perfect and we are all human.  However when a negative does occur, we strive to improve and make it a learning tool to become better.  Any complaint on driving or our vehicles are looked into that day.  We take the steps needed to get the details from the person complaining.  We also pull the reports from the tracking devices and cameras as well.  

Below is feed back positive and negative.  We feel being transparent is not only good business but required in the transportation of students. 

"The safety of your student/students is our number mission. " - Rushelle Wetzel - Owner/ CEO


Eileen P.

"Needing several vehicles for an adult teachers convention, we called on Smiley Transportation.  They were professional and provided us not only transportation for the convention but also for our nightly activities to and from our hotel to Southlake.  We highly recommend this service."

Tim S.

"I witnessed a Smiley Transportation Vehicle going through our neighborhood  and honking at a house every afternoon.   I work nights and the honking was a pain." "The staff took care of the honking and come to find out it was a blind special needs adult and that was the only way they could know the vehicle was there for them.  I felt bad about complaining but the staff worked out another way and I go my sleep back."

Amy D.

"As you know we have used your service since 2007.  You have become like an extended relative to our student.  We thank you for providing us the years of transportation.  She is graduating this year"  

Jessica R.

"Listen up Keller.. There is a great service being provided by Smiley.  They are dependable and down right sweet.  We just started their service this year, but not after talking to them for the last two years.  We wanted to make sure they stayed in business...haha!  If you get a quote and it seems pricey, then understand that they are the best at what they do.  There is a reason they were voted best transportation service in Tarrant County in 2017. Highly recommend them."

Todd G.

"We don't expect you to post this on your testimonials.  We started your service this year and found it to be a little pricey.  We do not have any issues with the company except trying to figure out the prices."

Todd G.

"Well, we found out why you are pricey and what to correct our negative.  We have to confess we went with the cheaper transportation company.  Mistake people.  They had an accident and did not report it to the parents.  We have learned our lesson.  Thanks for understanding and we will be coming back to Smiley in the future."