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Smiley Transportation, Corp


Smiley is Safe and Dependable student transportation in Keller

Why a Student Shuttle?

There are a number of reasons why parents choose to use a student shuttle service.  Some parents like the "Peace of Mind" of knowing their student is being transported to and from their activities with a dependable and safe company.  Private Shuttle services are providing more dependable and safe means that the bus services can not. Shuttles are different then say Uber or Lyft because the shuttle companies are able to provide the same driver on a daily basis.  

Things to Ask a Student Shuttle Service

Parents do not be afraid to ask the tough questions.  Your student's safety is important.  Always ask if the shuttle company is covered by livery insurance.  Livery insurance is a commercial insurance that covers the passenger if there was ever an accident.  Normal vehicle insurance will not cover accidents if there is an exchange of payment for service.   Ask about the background checks and safety measures that the company follows.  A great shuttle service should be able to provide you that information without  a blank of an eye.  If they can not provide any of these answers, then rethink your use of this shuttle service.

You get what you pay for:

Parents always remember what your parents taught you.  You get what you pay for.  Parents can always find a cheap shuttle service, but there are always reasons for their cheap prices.  A great shuttle service will be higher in price but normally it is because of the training and requirements that the company has put on itself to make sure they provide the best and safest service. 


What makes Smiley the Best

What makes us the best?

Smiley has been in business since 2007. We offer a Safe and Dependable student transportation in Keller.  We  are a door-to-door shuttle service for students and children/adults with special needs.  We strive for student safety and the parents "Peace of Mind".  All of our staff is trained yearly on CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens as well as yearly driving courses provided either by state approved or nationally approved  courses.  Every staff member goes through a local, state and federal finger printed background check, sex offender registration data bases search, extensive driving record checks as well as drug screens without the year.

Each vehicle is equipped with geo-fencing and real time tracking systems.  These systems allow us to pull up a vehicle's location and can provide a detailed report on speed, vehicle performance and some other secret sauce information.  Every Smiley Transportation vehicle has an in vehicle camera system that records audio, and video inside and out of the vehicle.  This camera also has a G-force equipped system that allows us to pull reports on the braking, acceleration and even turning forces put on the vehicle by the driver. 

Our company believes in the "Peace of Mind" of the parent by "Getting Students Home Safe". We have developed a patent pending App that requires the driver to perform a pre-trip and post trip inspections of the vehicles every time that vehicle goes in to service.  We also have a patent pending App that allows for 95% hands free technology to communicate with the office/dispatch and the parents.  Both the parents and dispatch know when the student/students are safely at their destinations.

Smiley Transportation wants you, the parent, to be stress free when it comes to the transportation of your child/children.  

We were awarded national awards for several years in a row.  We have been named best place to work and best customer service awards by the citizens of Keller, Texas.  We also have been named the best transportation service in Tarrant County 2017 and 2018.  We take pride in providing the best service and again "Peace of Mind" to the parents.

We have expanded to offer Safe and Dependable student transportation in Saginaw, Northwest ISD and IL Texas.  As we continue to grow, we will soon be offering a Safe and Dependable student transportation in Fort Worth in just a few years.

Smiley increased it's fleet for the five year in a row.  We are the best for reasons.

Smiley increased it's fleet for the five year in a row. We are the best for reasons.